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As someone who has been subject to; bullying, ridicule, long term emotional manipulation and abuse, I had considered taking my own life on several occasions. However, it was my spirit that saw me through. And while I recognise the pain and suffering of those who are suicidal, I can say with a whole heart that suicide is most definitely NOT the solution. We all have the strength within us to overcome the darkness. I implore those contemplating this final, irreversible act to ignore the voices in their head that convince them it is the only option; for the spirit is ever enduring, invincible. And once that spark of light is found within, one will become aware of the beauty that surrounds us.

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Our bodies are enslaved but our minds and our spirits do not have to be. Do not fear thinking  outside what is considered normal, do not fear to think unlike your peers. If they judge you, let  them, their opinions are of ill importance; what matters is your heart, what matters is the truth. This  physical existence is but only a short chapter in the epic tale of you and I; a tale that connects us all  and stretches throughout eternity. As your lives are spent working day in and day out to reach the a-typical material goals, ask  yourself in a deeper sense: are you happy? Do you know true happiness? Or do you merely find  comfort within the confines of societal boundaries because it is safer to follow the majority?  Liberate your spirit; even if it means being criticised, even if it means being considered abnormal;  everyone has the right and/or power to be themselves, we just need to break free from the shackles  of fear which hold us back from revealing what is behind the mask.

Thought Mechanics, 2020.06.28

You openly mock the concept of God because you feel it was devised by man, yet openly worship money, a mere form of exchange, which was in fact created by man. The same could be said of your ideals as they were birthed from your perception of reality. So please enlighten me as to the purpose of mocking each other's beliefs? None of us are superior, nor inferior for having a particular thought process.  -------------------------------------------------------- Hate and judgement come from a place of self loathing; one who knows love truly from within hasn't the need, nor the capacity to in fact be hateful or judgemental. -------------------------------------------------------- The end of the world as we know it is nigh, upon which time our true selves shall be revealed...Choose love. -------------------------------------------------------- As time draws near it is the unthinking majority that shall suffer severely, for they hate blindly without justification. ----------

Thought Mechanics, 2020.06.12

What some people seem to forget is that I did all that was expected of me from society; I had a decent job, I got married, I bought a house. However, to find myself again I had to give all that up, and through that I came to realise that everything you achieve for yourself will amount to nothing at the very end; that life isn't about getting what you want; that life isn't about earning status in society... Life is to live, love and learn, and no one has the right to dictate how you do either of those things. We all have different tools at our disposal which vary based on our lived experiences, and while at times we fall short, at the end of the day we are all just doing our best to get by. So no matter where you are in life right now be patient with yourself, be kind to yourself.

Let's Keep the P Out of the LGBT

Thoughts of suicide running through one's head Pained by the shame and feelings of dread Violated; a sweet, innocent child Whom so needful of love is deftly beguiled. And though the light dims it flickers with hope That love it shall beckon to slacken the rope... Your expressions of interest like paper worn thin Tear at one's psyche as they pay for your sin Immovable; your lustful desire For thieving the innocent of all they aspire. And though the light dims it flickers with hope That justice shall beckon to tighten the rope...